Jumla Mental Health Activities


KAHS Mental Health Center:

HMI through its partner organization, TPO Nepal has been supporting a counseling center at Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS). As of 2017 data, the center has an average of nearly 500 case flow/year (242 new cases and 252 follow-up cases in 2017), reflecting its role as one of the few locations for mental health care in the Karnali area. The center provides free of cost care to the patients coming to the center. Patients can directly seek care from the center or be referred from the KAHS hospital or local health posts. Available psychological services include Behavioral Activation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for treatment of depression and anxiety and Motivational Interviewing for substance abuse treatment, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for prevention of suicide.


Jumla Mental Health Center:

Outside the hospital, HMI also supports a community counseling center where individuals can come for individual or group therapy programs. The center also provides mental health care training for health workers and other community members so they can participate in community-based mental health care delivery. The center conducts programs to promote mental health in the area in collaboration with the local government and community based, non-governmental organizations.

Treatment is delivered in accord with evidence-based practice to assure that the highest quality of care is provided. When new treatments are introduced, they are rigorously evaluated to assure cultural, contextual, and clinical appropriateness.

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